Books, books, books!

Hello friends,

So as I promised myself, here goes the video of the month. I was going to try and do an elaborate video with a bunch of footage of January but then, guess what? I got lazy. But, I absolutely love reading! And I thought that this would be a good video and blog post to put up since its part of my January and 2017 goals, to read more.

In an effort to further myself as a thinking human being, I have decided that it is a personal goal to embark in a journey of self discovery through word. Through the pages of these books, I would like to elevate my understanding of our world. Through personal development reach a higher level of consciousness, if at all possible.

I find it necessary to expand my knowledge and hopefully be able to share this with people who are willing to listen. Of course I’m never going to be a Gandhi or an Einstein or anything like that but I do want to keep learning until the day I die.

I will NEVER stop reading fantasy so that will be on the list, autobiography, history books, self help books, psychology related books and articles, art inspiration, photography etc.

Okay, so the books that I have read, am reading and am going to read are as follows;

Lullabies by Lang Leav
Woman Heros of World War II
La Ciudad de las bestias (city of beast) by Isabel Allende
Doomed by Palahniuk
The Wander Society by Keri Smith
Rising Strong by Brene Brown
The Cyber Effect
The last wish
Here’s a brilliant idea
The five love languages

Maybe I will do a review on some of them, maybe not. Let us see, so here is to more reading, coffee and travel!

Nina ๐Ÿ™‚



New Year, New Me.


Every year we need to change, its inevitable. I was feeling awful about my self for not posting enough on my blog and not trying harder to get more readers. I was and maybe am very unsuccessful at this blogging thing. I have been doing it for many years in many platforms but have failed miserably. Maybe its the fact that I am to lazy, or maybe its because the world is saturated with content, how do you find a nook in this crowed world? How do you get people to read and be interested in what you have to say if what you say has been said a million times already. Because of this I knew I had to change.

I am to lazy to even pretend I am going to keep up with posts, and to be honest I don’t really have much to say or write about that has not been written about before. The only thing that I can provide readers is my perspective. What I see, what I feel, what I want, what I hunger, what makes me sad, what makes me happy. Just me. I have only me, me and my thoughts, my heart. And that is all I can share, I have no idea why I want to share any of this, maybe its a way for me to find myself, to discover my self in these words. And maybe you can find something for yourself, something that can inspire you, and help you see that everyone, old or young, poor or rich, of any profession, gender and race, is struggling in this globe. We are all feeling so much and are so overwhelmed with thoughts of who we want, should and can be.

In short, I will be posting here about everything and anything I want. Because its all about me. And honestly I am a very weird gal. I like so much, so many things can be talked about, so many things that worry me, that I can pick apart, so many things I can critique, so many things I can discover, describe and enjoy. So with all of this in mind I will be leaving a list below of my goals for the year and maybe what I will write about here.

2017 GOALS:















(i hope i get to the once a month posts)

I hope you stay tuned…



How to destress; A therapist suggestion.

Hello Flyers,

Today I will be presenting my first real Youtube video. This is my first attempt so don’t be so hard on me.

On today’s topic we will be talking about how to destress after a long day at work. These are some of the things that I do, but are recommended by therapist and other professionals. ย With time and dedication you will begin to see a difference.

  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Avoid social media
  • Pets are great for depression and anxiety
  • Care for your home keep it clean
  • Organize your thoughts, do some planning
  • Establish a nighttime routine
  • Do yoga
  • Take hot showers
  • Take a daily walk
  • Enjoy cooking and eating your food
  • Use aroma therapy
  • Read daily
  • Care for yourself, its not selfish
  • Sleep for 7 to 8 hours (if you don’t have kids ;))

Remember to live with intention. Don’t rush your only 4 hours of life before you go to bed. Enjoy every minute of it. Observe your surroundings, laugh and enjoy company. Live in the now. When we do this we don’t have time to stress over what happened at work and we don’t have time to stress about tomorrow. This sounds silly, I know, but it is true.

Nina ๐Ÿ™‚


New Video on Youtube

Hello Fliers,

So in my never ending endeavors into finding what my passion is in this world, I delve into many hobbies. One of the new ones is making Youtube videos. I have decided to create a Youtube channel that will be inspired in my current profession and my love for imagery.

I love watching those fancy and artistic videos on Youtube and thought, I want to do something like that too. But I want to make something that is useful and entertaining. So I have many ideas. Mainly it will be a lifestyle channel with a therapist twist. Since I know that many people are living under stressful situations, and since I am one of them, I think it might be centered in that, and many other topics hopefully.

But, I don’t want to loose my focus on this blog, so i am going to do my best to integrate all my passions on this page. Call this my hub. I am thinking of remastering this blog and reinventing it too fit my needs. Since I am always changing my mind and procrastinating, I will make my blog as eclectic as me. This will be the connection to all my different endeavors and if you find it interesting you will be finding links to all the places were you can find my crazy ideas. I hope that you will enjoy and if you have any suggestions please let me know!

Nina ๐Ÿ™‚

zero apostrophe

So Many Things to Blog About

Hello Fliers,

It’s been quite a while since I posted something. I think after the Pulse Shooting it was a bit hard for me to get back into it. But I have not forgotten. I have so many pictures and ideas of what I want to write about but am having some difficulty in actually sitting down and writing. Sometimes I have so many thoughts and plans that it all goes to mush.

For today’s post I will put in some pictures of places I visited over the summer to get you inspired to find hidden gems in Orlando and Florida in general. Hopefully I will write about each event individually in another post, but for now here we go;


Melbourne Beach, Fl. I did a post on this beach here.


Siesta Key, FL. Check out more info here.


My favorite getaway in Florida check ย out a post here.


This is another getaway right here in Orlando called Mills Park. You can still get in its lake and they even made a faux sand beach. If your looking for a splash in the summer check out this park.


Barnies Coffee Kitchen in college park! So good. You can take a stroll and window shop, stop for some coffee and end your day at the rose garden!


Tea and Tea is well, you guessed it, a tea shop. I know a lot of us get our energy from coffee but let me tell you, this place is absolutely worth it, great customer service, educational and really, really good tea.


International Drive, FL, for the daring, ride the sling shot and get scared out of your pants!


Wills Pub at Mills Ave Orlando, FL! Lots of craft beer, great music, pool tables and great atmosphere!


Downtown Orlando, should I say more?


My first time at IHOP with the peeps!


Tampa Bay, Tampa. We stayed at a house for a week, dolphins would come and play everyday and we also discovered that liquor stores deliver now.


My teenage dream to see Blink 182 in concert, Tampa!


Black Crow coffee in St Pete! Great coffee and super nice atmosphere, vintage and poetic.


The Dali Museum, super awesome experience!


And to finish it off La Hacienda Familia in Kissimmee, to get some good PRrican food and music.

I cant really complain about my summer, I did even more than what was posted here, all with a full time job and not much mula. I am a lucky gal.

Nina ๐Ÿ™‚

To a Gunman from Orlando

Hello Fliers,

I interrupt our normal programming because I feel it is important for me to talk about what has happened. It saddens my heart to know that we are again facing another tragedy. It makes me sick to think about all the people who have lost their lives for the senseless notion that this gunman had. But here is my message to him.

I know you have heard this many times, and again we will say it. We will not be AFRAID of you. We will NEVER be afraid of you. As you see the people you hurt are not giving up. They keep strong, stronger than ever. And they will not fall in the game you try to pursue we are not your mice, and you are not the big bad cat.

We will not have hate in our hearts. We will continue to live our lives free. Because the people who you hurt on 6/12 in Pulse Night Club in Orlando were fighters. They where fighters from the moment they were born. They struggled in their existence to be free and be who they wanted to be. They stood tall against antiquated thoughts and morals and planted seeds of hope and love.

They would never give into the pressures of mal intent and people who tried to put them down. So why should we. Their death is tragic. But its a symbol of how we will continue to live are lives. We will continue to embrace ourselves and others. We will continue to live free and enjoy life. We will never stand down and we will never bow down.

To all of those who lost their loved ones I am so sorry. I cannot imagine what you are feeling. But know that we are with you, we support you and we love you. Remember what our friends and loved ones stood for. Never forget their message and honor them by spreading it.

Let us embrace who we are fully. Let us never be scared of spreading love and respect towards ourselves and others. Let us be full of joy and happiness. Let us never fall under the evil of others. We are strong, and strong in numbers. We are a great nation and we will continue to be no matter who tries to take it away. Let us never be chained again.



How to find something to do in Orlando

Hello Fliers,


Today we are going to talk about how to find things to do in Orlando. I for one know how hard it is when you are sitting on the floor of your living room wondering why your wasting a perfect weekend instead of enjoying the sunshine. But in Orlando? What to do here? I give you three ways of finding that thing:

Orlando Weekly

If you go to there website or you find the weekly printing of this newspaper you will see they have a calendar with all types of events that are going on during that week. Events they might announce range from music events, social gatherings, food festivals, art crawls, free movie nights etc. They usually have a good variety for the young folks.


Go on the events page on Facebook and you will find different and unique experiences. They usually have all the details for you to plan your trip. It is very convenient because you can track the event and interact with the people who are going, also you can invite your friends on Facebook. Overall FB is a great tool to plan out your adventures.


Needless to say Instagram is a great platform to find events happening in the greater Orlando area. If you search a # like #orlandoevents or follow pages like Orlando Weekly, Winter Park, Lake Eola, Mills and Milk District, what ever part of town or business you like will post updates on their insta. So its always a good idea to follow them. If your a foodie this is a good idea for you.


This is a relatively new app for I phone users. ย It lets you know about events in Orlando specifically. It separates it by your interests, example music, comedy nights, arts and culture etc. You can plan ahead of time because you are able to choose different time frames to view events in chronological order. This app is different in that you will find relevant and interesting events that go straight to the point with and no fillers. It gives you time and dates and you can even purchase some tickets on the same platform saving you time and money. This app is great if you like to plan ahead and are also a spur of the moment kinda person.